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Hello West Virginia! So Glad You're Here.

I will say it like it is! WE CAN DO BETTER! AND WE WILL!

For years, our State is getting back lash for slow in producing skilled workers, not generating enough income to boost our economy, not so advance medical treatments, public schools are not safe and high on drugs. Bla! Bla! Bla! This will stop!

Honest to God there is no place I would rather be than West Virginia. I found my true love here, not just my husband, not just my job, career, and business, not just my friends and opportunities, but my PASSION! I found my passion to serve this Wild & Wonderful State. 

West Virginia has always been very HISTORICAL, HOPEFUL, and HEALING. This blessed State provides many opportunities for people like YOU and ME to keep making HISTORY, keep giving HOPE to others who needs them, and keep HEALING the wound that once hit businesses, families, and children during trying times. 

The pandemic may have ceased, but what is left need a lot of work and reconstruction. Businesses need to recover, families need assistance to get back on their feet again and to overcome the losses of their loved ones, and children need guidance and care to face the future. This time has never been more important in the history of mankind. 

We need leaders to help us, guide us, and care for us to be back on our feet again! We need leaders to put us first, not politics, not providing and answering favors among themselves behind closed doors, not use us as pawn to lift them up and push their agendas forward, and definitely not use our holy State and its positions for personal benefits. 

My policies will be for the people of West Virginia, because it is designed by the people of West Virginia!

I have spent more than five years talking, living, mingling, dining, working, and helping the people of this blessed State. I know your stories because I shared mine with yours. I know your concerns because I shared mine with yours. I know what you are going through because I am going through the same. I see and hear you every day, every hour, every minute. Yes, people of West Virginia, I hear YOU!

My neighbors are people who have to wake up every morning to go to work for ten to fifteen hours a day. My neighbors are people who have lost their spouses, children, been through divorces, evicted from homes, and struggling to get good paying jobs. My neighbors are people who desperately need health care and medical benefits but cannot afford any. My neighbors are in desperate need of good, affordable, and quality childcare centers to care for their beloved children while they work and bring food to the table for their families but struggling to find one. My neighbors are people who spend so much money on rents and coping with issues from plumbing and roofing, to molds. My neighbors are people with children who are struggling with schools, education, drugs, bullies, poverty, and mental health. My neighbors have seniors who need help, care, and attention that their families unable to provide. YOU ARE MY NEIGHBORS. 

West Virginia, these are our issues every day, every hour, and every minute. We the People Matter. 

Look into the policies my team and I have planned to ensure our State is progressing. Look into the planning my team and I have designed to ensure we, the people, deserve the best education, best medical benefits, best opportunities to increase skills and upgrade wages, and higher chance of home ownerships so as to increase property values. 

The most important of all, look into my heart and see my passion in making West Virginia almost heaven to live in. Why is this important? It is important because YOU MATTER!

Send me to Charleston on November 5. Together, we can do this! TEAM WV, I AM READY!

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