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About Policies

Whereas it is important to choose a reputable and dedicated leader to lead this blessed State, it is also very important to look at policies of what this candidate or future leader has to offer. In this page, I am laying out most of the policies my team and I have written. I hope and pray my team and I can get to Charleston and execute these policies for the people, because they are written by the people!

About Economy

The State has been depending majority of its fund from the White House. To ensure its economy is not going to be severely affected by the oncoming inflation and diesel shortage, partnering our miners, natural gas and oil industry with the neighboring States will definitely boost productions and increase revenues. I plan to initiate discussions on the construction and opening of the keystone xl pipeline with the White House. I also plan to partner our natural gas and oil companies with offshore distributors. I have contacted and currently having productive discussions with two of the major offshore distributors outside United States. 

Another source to combat the inflation and raise the economy is to cut down on unemployment by doubling down on mass hiring and production. The State will provide help (details available separately) to businesses that once opened but had to close or shut down due to Covid. By rendering help to ensure past businesses have the opportunity to bounce back up again will ensure our economy will once again boost and be productive. West Virginia is not a brain dead State. Whoever came up with this idea is wrong! We are always ready to take new challenges. West Virginia is a blessed State and we are always proud to be living here.


About Education

Although many past efforts had been made to ensure children are receiving the best education in school, West Virginia is still struggling with the passing percentile and raising the bar to meet the National Average Score. As West Virginia Governor, I will personally look into passing basic and intermediate phonics lessons into childcare centers and preschool classrooms as mandatory. Many people and educators failed to understand the importance of learning how to read as early as three and four years old. The teachers in Kindergarten and first grade are often struggling to keep up with the learning process of each child. The ratio of children in these classes are also double and sometime triple as compared to the ratio in childcare centers. Having the ability to work with smaller groups, if given the proper training and materials to work with, these childcare and preschool teachers can achieve better results in delivering the lessons effectively. Therefore, the  State should encourage or mandate DHHR to include reading and writing program into childcare and preschool staff training package. This will increase the progress of children's understanding of any or every subjects taught because reading and writing is the main component to other subject areas. 

I have also personally designed a grant called 'The Goals & Aspiration Grant' which will be available to eligible children ages five years old to eighteen years old. This grant will help pay for children's tuition to enroll in any extra curricular activities such as piano or other musical instrument lessons, certain sports, hobbies such as dancing and singing. and learning a second or third language. By encouraging our children to participate in these extra curricular activities and help pay for their classes, we can cut down drug issues and eliminate gang-related activity. Children excel better when they can develop side skills. 

When elected, I would like to move the cut off month to enroll in Kindergarten back in September!


About cutting down Student Debt and decrease Cost of Education

Many students change their majors so frequently and as early as on their 2nd semester of their freshman year. This is mainly because the students get into a college or a university to graduate and earn good money. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as 1,2,3. Students change their majors because they are either not focus or fully understand the degree they signed up for. Peer pressure and opinions are also part of the influence. If the students change their majors and eventually graduate, their life story would not be as bad but sometime even turn out to be for the better! However, when students change their majors too many times, they ended up getting frustrated and quit. Hence, their student loans left unpaid because they are not able to secure good paying jobs. 

Due to the accumulating student loan debts left unpaid, the cost of education in colleges and universities rise tremendously. 

I have a plan to lower student debts and cost of higher education. My plan is called "Student Career Clock Hour Program" or SCCHP. This plan is available for student as young as 2nd Graders. Students are given options to opt on SCCHP when they start 2nd grade. SCCHP allows student to visit and do intern hours in areas they are interested in.

Example: Michelle is 9 years old and wants to work at the hospital when she grow up. She aspires to be a nurse. Michelle then sign up for SCCHP in her school. Her parent or guardian will accompany her to visit hospitals or urgent care (the establishment must be in the schools' list for SCCHP) and stay with a nurse or a qualified physician for an 'x' number of hours. The nurse or physician will signed to validate the hours clocked in through paperwork provided by Michelle's parent or guardian. Upon graduating from high school, Michelle will receive copies of her validated clock hours from visits and internships in hospitals or urgent cares throughout her school years. These hours can also be included when signing up for scholarship programs in colleges and universities. SCCHP can definitely help students to identify the area of interests when signing up for college or university degrees. Imagine students as young as 2nd graders doing interns/follow a professional, in law firms, restaurants, sheriff's office, fire stations, park ranger's office, classrooms, and so on. When a student is focus on choosing a major in college, the percentage of graduating is higher. Student debts will decrease, and cost of education will drop because more people are opting to attend college and graduate. Guess what? This program will definitely lower drug issues and gang activities because students are occupied and being very productive visiting or following professionals for their SCCHP. WOW! This is marvelous.


About Jobs, Home Owners, & Investment

The reason I have to tie these three together is because they are connected. Investment is very important. Unfortunately, most investments that came from seniors who retire or high paying individuals who prefer to invest their extra cash instead of saving them, end up investing their money outside West Virginia. Most investment companies send the money out of state for trading or buying and selling stocks. Hence, investors have to pay many middle-man fees or third party fees. 

I have a project waiting to be executed. My project includes plans to purchase land and build houses affordable for couples or families who have been turned down by banks due to poor credit. Land purchased by local investors will be used to build townhouse and small family house. Couples or below average income families who meet the minimum requirement, such as holding a job for six months or more, salary not above $5000 and not below $2000, will be eligible to purchase the homes with no down payment and credit check. There is more details to this project. My supporters are welcome to write in and request a copy of this project plan at any time.

Let's Work Together

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