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Who The Heck Would Vote Me?

The Children will! There is not a child in my daycare centers that does not know my name. There is not a child in my daycare center that would not run to me and hug me when they see me walking into their classrooms. I am their hero! This is because they know that THEY MATTER in my daycare centers!!!

One of my top priority when in office is to establish additional organizations and departments within the schools, that would recognize children's and teenagers' goals, aspirations, and talents. A very simple example is;

Michelle loves music. She enjoys listening to other children on you-tube playing their instruments. Unfortunately, she is not in the capacity to sign up for any specific music lessons privately. She has always wanted to play the flute. She would beg her mother to buy her one. Sad to say, mom also does not have the capacity to spend anything extra because she is not getting support from dad and is living from paycheck to paycheck.

There are many Michelle in West Virginia. Imagine where Michelle can go and what her future will be with a flute and private lessons being paid through school "Goals & Aspiration Grants". there such a grant????? The answer is NO!

While I understand food, utilities, gas, and rents are most important in daily lives, so are goals and aspirations! Children want to be heard and not just be seen! This is why many children and teenagers, and even young adults, would turn to electronics. They feel empty, neglected, and sometimes ignored. The "Goals & Aspirations Grant" will be reserved for children ages 6 to 18 years old. I will personally look into this grant that would benefit children in West Virginia!

Children love music, enjoy dancing, definitely interested in fashion designing, would most likely participate in swimming, calligraphy, diving, para gliding, or mountain climbing, would not want to miss trucking and constructing, and lastly, let us go travelling.

My ten year old son has always been a dinosaur collectors and fan since he was seven. I almost passed out when he said he wanted to be a dinosaur man when he grow up. He wanted to continue making dinosaurs using the DNA from Jurassic Park movies. He even begged me to purchase a plot of land with many trees so he can build a lab and use it to breed dinosaurs. Everyday, when we travel together in my car, he will run by me the whole breed of dinosaurs, species, how they evolved, which era they came from, and how their bones were dug and exhibited in many countries and states. Now try listening to this at quarter after six in the wee morning while you fly down 81 because you have to open the daycare in fifteen minutes, praying traffic is good, reminding yourself to turn off the alarm when you get there, and your phones started dinging because staff are trying to text or call in!

Obviously I laughed and brushed his goals aside initially. However, he started turning his room into Jurassic Park with many dinosaur figurines surrounding his bed, and shelled eggs breeding along his book shelves. I know this boy is serious!. I finally enrolled him in violin lessons and bought many Harry Potter Books and Artifacts to divert his attention. Now, he plays his violin very well. He is even playing in the Frederick Regional Youth Orchestra. He loves Harry Potter and enjoys reading all the books, but his room still looks like Jurassic Park!

Children have enormous talents that parents and guardians sometimes failed to see. I am running for our future generations. I am running for our future Olympians, Singer, Actors, Swimmers, Chefs, Artists, Fashion Designers, Hairstylists, Astronauts, and maybe Dinosaur Man!

I have lived tomorrow. I know this is possible. I just need your VOTE and your CONTRIBUTIONS to get me there! Help me, help YOU! YOU MATTER, WEST VIRGINIA!

Give me your VOTE on November 5, 2024, so I can establish 'GOALS & ASPIRATION GRANTS" for our children!!!!



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