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Send Me To Charleston on November 5

I am here for a reason. The same reason as to why you are reading this page. That reason is, TO TAKE THIS WILD & WONDERFUL STATE TO VICTORY!

I hear us everyday, the little people, the children, the parents, the teachers, police officers, fire fighters, small business owners, seniors, our veterans, neighbors, family members, and friends. I hear crying for help every day. What is going on in our State?

The pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of us. People lost their loved ones, losing jobs, businesses shutting down, home ownership declined, and help is depleting. The essential workers are losing their benefits from getting reimbursement from the government to pay for childcare for their children. There is no more stimulus checks coming. Not many business are hiring because not many business and companies are open.

Too many drug issues and people are not getting medical help adequately. More college students are struggling paying their tuition and keeping up with their loans.

Children are missing the education they need. More single parents are not getting the help they deserve. Divorce rate going up.

Now that the State has banned abortion, more women are going to need help with pregnancy. More children will be born and the State has to be ready for these future challenges.

SEND ME TO CHARLESTON! I have policies that will fix us. I have policies that will put the people first. I have policies that will bring us back better.


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